Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Saturday at The Soundry

After this past Saturday's Art Market at The Soundry, I decided to warm up inside, grab a sandwich, and check out the current exhibit, TechnoPunk 1801-2099.  Here are a few glimpses from the show:

"Just Hit Send" assemblage by Heather Miller

"Hip-Hop Bot" collage on paper by Steve Loya

"A Conversation With a Humanoid Robot" in-motion assemblage by Deborah Rose Buterbock

"Time Breaker" mixed-media piece by Lisa Wagner

"Someone Call an Ambulance Cause Something's Not Right" oil and acrylic by Ivan Collich

"The Negative Nancy Complex, One of Two Ways" mixed-media piece by Matt Riegner

The TechnoPunk 1801-2099 exhibit runs through Nov. 22nd.

A number of artists featured in the exhibit also gave The Soundry's back door an extreme makeover. Well done, guys!

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JessiVille said...

Most interesting...my fav is just hit send by H. Miller. Of course I love the graffiti back door!