Saturday, September 24, 2011

Walk This Way....

It's great to be back! Yes, I disappeared from blogland for quite awhile. As you know, I do that from time to time. And while I wasn't abducted by aliens, and didn't run off to join the circus -- despite my kids' best efforts to make me -- the summer left me sunburned, paint splattered, and dog tired after teaching several sessions of children's graffiti fusion art classes, only to work until the wee hours in the studio experimenting with new techniques. But I'll save the What I Did on My Summer Vacation essay for another time, to tell you about some exciting stuff.

Tonight, it's back to Art Carnage at The Soundry, from 8:00 to midnight! I'll be rolling out a new line of graffiti-inspired SHOES under the Area 718 line at this year's Material World. Along with a variety of live entertainment, the event will feature handmade fashion goods from designers like Ten East Read, Official Nice, Sweet Chloroform, It Takes All Kinds, What is Reality, Suzannah Ashley, Odd Bodkin, Lauren Jacobs, and YarnGasm!

One project I toyed with this summer was making graffiti shoes for my daughters. Another time, I'll post a tutorial showing the basics, but here are a few shots of how they turned out:

I then expanded the idea to strappy sandals, flats, and some other kids' shoes, all of which will be available at Art Carnage. Enjoy the sneak peak!

Also making their debut tonight are my handpainted graffiti belts, along with purse/backpack bling made with chain, beads, metal, wood, and upcycled sari fabric.

Want to see them in person? Catch Art Carnage: Material World tonight, from 8:00 to midnight, at 316 Dominion Rd., Vienna, VA 22180.

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JessiVille said...

Oh Karen, those sandals are the bomb! I love the belts and baubles too! But alas, I cannot wear such high heels but if I could I think I would wear the black and white graffiti with the lime platform! Looking forward to your essay, lol!
Jessi xox