Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Studio Update

It's starting to look pretty scary in my studio. Dyed papers strewn all over the floor. New dots of fabric spray paint on the rug. My desk, a sea of photo prints, paints, canvas scraps, markers, and empty bottles of Vitamin Water.

Yeah, it may be Halloween, but it's also time for the next Art Market 316 this Saturday at The Soundry in Vienna, VA. A former auto body shop, The Soundry was converted a few years back into a shared art studio/rehearsal space for members, and an art gallery and cafe for the public. I'll be hawking the usual suspects (Area 718 headbands, bottlecap and reversible pendant necklaces, graffiti notecards and magnets) AND something new... graffiti art journals! The scariest part of my week -- at least in the studio -- occurred tonight, when I had to bind the journals. This was uncharted territory for me. Honestly, just the thought of using the sewing machine is terrifying; I'm just not a mechanically-oriented person by any means. I'd swear the sewing machine hates me back, too, because all I need to do is simply look at it and the damn thing jams. Anyway, my husband got it all threaded, etc., and off I went as he said, "Push! Push!" So I did, praying the little thingamajig wouldn't jam (again), and soon, four brand spankin' new art journals were born!

If you're local and would like to see them in person, stop by my booth from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon at the Art Market at The Soundry (316 Dominion Rd., Vienna, VA). As an Early Bird Special, I'll be giving out free graffiti magnets from 8:00 to 9:00.  Here are some of my booth photos from last month's market.

Last month, a reporter from the Vienna edition of ran a story on Art Market 316 and included a photo of my booth, along with a quote. Check out the article, Beyond the Farmers Market, A Market for Art

This will be the last morning market of the season. Starting in November, Art Market 316 will become an evening event, to be held the last Saturday of the month, from 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. Building on The Soundry's indie vibe, each Art Market will also feature music, performance, poetry, and assorted "creative chaos."

Sounds good to me!

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JessiVille said...

Yay Karen, Congrats on your blog! Blogger finally let me get on it. Don't know what was wrong before... How fun that you have the soundry! Sure wish we had something cool like that here. Congrats on making your new art journals too. Sewing machines can be so tempermental! I hand stitched mine 'cuz my new singer wouldn't work. Just got a new basic bernina and I'm hoping it will sew better! I will follow your blog and put a link on mine for you too! Good luck at art market!